Medical Gas




The conception and implementation of a central gas system is a complex process in a building project of a hospital. Crucial to this is a good preparation and design.

Each aspect is managed with care. We provide and deliver the client with the necessary advice on dimensioning of the network (quantities of outlets, type of gas for each type of local, pipe flow calculation, optimise the different techniques (HP-compressor, DIN/Afnor/British Standards ), volume of the different sources).

The result of a concept is a technical drawing and the description of the project. To round off this process a risks analysis is made. We have a strict purchase procedure of the piping and all necessary part that come in contact with the patient and thus have a traceability control on the purchased parts.

Our installation complies with the international standards EN ISO 7396 by default and can be adapted for other international standards. We have the same level of quality in Ghana as in Europe, we make no distinctions and no concessions.




Maintenance is a crucial part of an installation. Preventive maintenance and regular inspections are crucial for an installation. A maintenance plan determines which elements and at which frequency it has to be serviced. By following a correct planning we avoid a lot of equipment failures and additional costand most importantly it avoids endangering the patient by an interruption of services. This ensures the continuous operation of the system.



In the region of Greater Accra we are proposing to do emergency interventions in the next 24 hours (max 48 hours outside Greater Accra) to clients with whom we have a maintenance contract. We can